The Script @Stage74


The Script @Stage74


The Script @Stage74, a new musical reading series, is dedicated to developing new works and cultivating artists while also benefiting the surrounding community.
Admission to the readings will be gained with a donation, such as a can of food, an item of clothing, or a book, that benefits a chosen mission program of Jan Hus Presbyterian.
At The Script, artists and audiences come together to inspire

March 16

by Naomi Matlow & Teresa Lotz
directed by Michael Bello
$5 + can of food

April 20
Archie's Final Project

by David Lee Miler, James Presson, Alexander Sage Oyen,
directed by Michael Bello
$5 + item of clothing

May 18
The Rumoured Lyfe and Certain Death of Delia Bacon

by Elise LeBreton, Zdenko Martin, Madeline Myers, Matthew Russell
directed by Michael Bello
$5 + a book