Next to Normal

Lindsay Bayer, Carman Napier, Chris Caron, and Luke Hobak
Photo by Danny Bristol


The Gallery Players
directed by Michael Bello

Sept - Oct 2014

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2015 New York Innovative Theater Award nomination for
Outstanding Production of a Musical

"...director Michael Bello maintains the intensity of this production while offering just the right amount of entertaining theatrics... this production is chock full of compassioned charm."
    - Gisella Batista, NYTheatreGuide

"...there is an inherent challenge at play in reviving a Broadway hit. This challenge isn’t just met but conquered by the production’s artists... It is in this plight for mental stability that this production of Next to Normal finds its brilliance. The staging of the piece, by director Michael Bello, always balances the nature of the human world with its inherent theatricality."
   - Wesley Doucette, New York Theatre Review

"packed with psychological potency... this production has the same impact of the original. The Gallery Players' performance has a unique ability to move any audience."
    - Caroline Cunfer, Washington Square News

“Director Michael Bello’s fluid direction keeps the action moving swiftly… it would be hard (no, make that impossible) to experience any of them without shedding a tear or two
    - Stuart R. Brynien, Viva! Lifestyles